Joy of Movement Budapest

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A 2 hour evening class, live only.


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The Joy of Movement is an Access Consciousness specialty class created by Kalpana Raghuraman.

This is a class where you are invited to look at how your body desires to move and eliminate anything that does not allow that.
A class to free yourself from feeling stuck in your body, free yourself from limiting your body movements and opening up to a whole new space of being in and with your body.

Because: How much has this society taught us that only certain types of movements are “acceptable”?
How much did we stop listening to our body and did we perpetuate the limited points of views of this reality about movement?

What if your body KNOWS how he likes to move?
What if your body KNOWS what movement makes it happy?
What if your body KNOWS how to express itself better than anyone?

In Access we mostly sit on chairs or lie on tables when we do classes. This class will be different! We wíll be sitting on a chair for moments, to clear stuff that comes up. But we will mainly be moving! To beautiful music specially designed for this class where we truly start to experience being an infinite being through our body!

It’s a totally different and freeing experience even.

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