How to deal with people?

Access Manipulation 101

When you hear the word Manipulation, what comes up for you?

In this reality it is a ‘bad’ thing and it usually involves people ‘making’ you do something you don’t want to do. Within Access Consciousness, manipulation has a completely different meaning. It is the willingness to be whatever energy is required in a situation to create possibilities. 

Access Manipulation comes from a place of kindness and from the willingness to always choose for what will create more. It creates a space where every situation can be an invitation for greater possibilities.

In this class, Kalpana will invite you to create possibilities and choose for what you truly desire. This can be around any area of your life such as: relationships, business, family, money, sex….and what else?!

Kalpana received the title for this class from Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness. He acknowledged her capacity with this energy and how she embodies it. And now, she shares these pragmatic and very effective tools with people all over the world.

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Videocover for Manipulation 101 Class.
Videocover for Manipulation 101 Class.