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What if you could live an empowered life where you can be an inspiration to yourself and others? In the Inspired Empowered Living Podcast, Kalpana tackles day to day topics, offering fresh and different perspectives. She also includes the Access Consciousness tools and how to apply them in your daily life.

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Kalpana Raghuraman is an Advanced Access Consciousness facilitator. In this episode she shares more about one of the classes she facilitates called “the Choice for Possibilities class”.  What are these classes like? How does she experience them? What is choice truly about? And how to deal with change?  Have a listen and find out!
Have you ever been taught how to choose? And what is choice really about? In this episode Kalpana takes you on a journey around choice. What it can look like, how you can practice your choice muscle and practical examples on how we can cheat ourselves out of choice. Kalpana is an advanced Access Consciousness...
Find out how choosing and making decisions can become easier. Kalpana Raghuraman will give you the tool that makes indecision a thing of the past.

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