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What if you could live an empowered life where you can be an inspiration to yourself and others? In the Inspired Empowered Living Podcast, Kalpana tackles day to day topics, offering fresh and different perspectives. She also includes the Access Consciousness tools and how to apply them in your daily life.

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With COVID-19 dominating our lives, our interactions with people are quite different. Many people are suddenly seeing their loved ones much more and have less freedom and space to be alone. This can bring up heated discussions and a general sense of annoyance and frustration.   How do you keep your cool during these situations?   Instead...
The world is changing, and the (illusionary) predictable future as we knew it, is no longer a reality. The world is going through the global pandemic COVID-19 and people are suffering from great worry, stress and fear regarding their life and future.   How to deal with this?  All these energies do not support you and it’s very...

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