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Kalpana has always had dance in her life. It all started with her mother who was one of the first to lead a Bharatnatyam dance school in the Netherlands.

Kalpana was already on stage by the age of 5!

Today she runs her own contemporary dance company Kalpanarts, that is deeply inspired by Indian dance and culture. It brings together different dance forms, music genres and disciplines to create a hybrid dance style and unique theatre form.

Better together

‘We find each other in our Asian roots. Moving between two cultures is not strange to us. Both born and raised in the Netherlands, with roots from India (Kalpana) and Indonesia (Gysèle). Our mothers both wear traditional clothing, sari (India) and sarong (Indonesia). Our view of the world is strongly influenced by our background. So we both have a second country, a second home. It connects us. This laid the cement for Kalpanarts.’

 Kalpana Raghuraman & Gysèle ter Berg

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A musical dance performance about breathing space & freedom In Indian philosophy, experiencing inner freedom outweighs conquering external limitations.
In Breathe, five dancers and the musicians of Matangi explore ways to attain freedom, tranquility, and stillness. Examining various cultures and ancient breathing techniques, breathing becomes intertwined with the theme of freedom. When do you truly feel free?
Composer Simone Giacomini crafted a new musical composition for Breathe, inspired by the rich minimalist and trance-like compositions of Dutch composer Simeon ten Holt.

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On the right you find a documentary: an artistic portrait about the company, a behind the scenes peek.