Awakening Entrepreneurial Trust

Do you know that jittery feeling when you’re onto something big but your doubts hold you back? Let’s talk about that. Trusting your awareness isn’t naive; it is that nudge inviting  you to take a leap, to make those dreams come true.

Think of your doubts like little balloons, releasing them into the sky, each carrying a bit of that uncertainty. What if you can be the person who lifts you up in that moment, who can even encourage you? Not because you have judged yourself to be strong. Not because you are fighting to be brave. No, because you are willing to be present with yourself and you have stopped judging your choices. 

What I’ve learned in entrepreneurship is that vulnerability with yourself and others isn’t a weakness, it’s a superpower. It’s opening the door to authenticity, to deeper connections beyond the surface.

Sure, we’re all drawn to data and facts, but your gut feeling, your knowing? It’s like your internal compass guiding you through the twists and turns. Those suspicions that linger? They block out the good stuff. It’s time to let them fade away and create spaces filled with trust and understanding.

What if you let your knowing take over? That’s the flashlight in the dark, leading you through uncharted territories. What would that be like?

In the end, trust isn’t just a fancy term. It’s the very foundation of making things happen. Let’s ditch those stereotypes, embrace the unknown, and support each other. Then we can create a different story where trust and joyful collaboration shape our world.

Here’s to unraveling the stereotypes of business, to finding trust in ourselves and each other, and to painting a canvas of entrepreneurship that’s authentic and empowering!

Kalpana Raghuraman

Kalpana Raghuraman is an advanced facilitator with the modality Access Consciousness, a published author and scholar. She is also artistic director of her own dance company, Kalpanarts.