Relationships, your cup of tea?

Grab a seat, maybe a drink, and let’s talk about something we all navigate on a daily basis: relationships. I’m sitting here, cozy with my favorite tea, and it got me wondering: Why not dive into this whole idea of relationships and share with you what I have to say about it?

I spoke about this topic in many different ways over the years. I can truly acknowledge that all the information I shared with people all over the world, also brought a lot of change to my own life.

As I take another sip of my tea, I am reminded of how we think experiences must color our connections. And when we know we have a choice there, everything can be different. For me it has been a journey of discovery, where each twist and turn revealed a new facet of getting more information about what relationships mean to me.

Take vulnerability, now that is a gamechanger. It’s like opening a window and letting some fresh air in. Or getting present with your own desires and acknowledging your awareness of other people’s stuff. Yes, that’s where things can be taken to another level of kindness and caring for yourself.

Relationships are this beautiful, messy dance and not about finding the perfect steps but embracing the flow of it all. Where we have allowance for everything that shows up and judge nothing.

Do you see that it’s a gift when you are being yourself? And it’s not something to hide? Yet in relationships we often cut off parts of ourselves to adapt into what someone else expects from us. Pretty silly if you think about it right?

As I sit here, going over my experiences, I wonder how your journey with relationships has been so far? Relationships can be quit the juggling act, don’t you think? Have you ever taken a moment to ask what’s true for you with all of it? Or are you following how it’s done by everyone else on this planet? How “it’s supposed to be and go”?

Relationships, whether it’s with your partner, your parents, friends, kids, or colleagues, it’s this intricate dance that we’re all trying to master. So, tell me, how are your relationships? What or who contributes to your life? And who causes more of a headache than anything else?

Let’s be real. Wherever you are on the “relationship spectrum”, what if I told you there is so much more possible? What if there’s a different way to paint the canvas of your connections? And what if, get this, it starts with having a relationship with the most important person in your life… with yourself?

Over the years, I’ve seen magic unfold before my very eyes. I invite people to apply simple and pragmatic tools to their lives to create relationships that actually work for them! And applying all of it in my own life too.

So, wherever you are at this moment in your life, whether you’re sailing through your relationships smoothly or navigating through tougher waters. What if there’s a different way of navigating all of it? With ease and an excitement for a greater life? 

Let’s explore this together, shall we? Because in this exploration, there’s a world of possibilities waiting to be uncovered.

Kalpana Raghuraman

Kalpana Raghuraman is an advanced facilitator with the modality Access Consciousness, a published author and scholar. She is also artistic director of her own dance company, Kalpanarts.