The Gift of Nature Spirits

Today I woke up with a very intense body so I thought it would be a contribution to get out of the house.

I went for a walk. Often my body likes to move and it’s a way for me to transform and move energy in my body and in my life.

This time the walk was not doing what I thought it could create. I suddenly noticed my body was getting even more intense and I went to sit in the sun asking myself what it is that I’m aware of.

I knew there was something around entities, and as I sat there I realized there was this energy. The spirits of the nature wanted to contribute to me but I was not receiving them. 

I closed my eyes and I allowed their energy to poor into me, my body and my world. My entire body started to relax, all the intensities started to dissipate, everything became much more expansive and spacious.

Wow, this is how quick change can be and that’s how indirect receiving can look like. Indirect as in, the symptoms might not seem like there is something to receive but the symptoms were actually signs of refusal of receiving.

So today I’d like to ask you: What can you receive?

And what is there looking to contribute to you that you might not (yet) be aware of?

Kalpana Raghuraman

Kalpana Raghuraman is an advanced facilitator with the modality Access Consciousness, a published author and scholar. She is also artistic director of her own dance company, Kalpanarts.